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Welcome to ytdaw, an unofficial livejournal community for members of the message board yourtaxdollarsatwork.us. ytdaw is maintained by an ever expanding group of members from the board, as a place for all of us who happen to be existing in this little corner of the blogosphere to meet, mingle, and help each other navigate LJ. All are welcome!

Quick Rules:
1. Use LJ-Cuts, especially on long posts. Keep large or multiple images behind cuts as well. You'll be poked by people until you do so, save yourself the time.
2. Common courtesy is a good thing. Try to be respectful of others. If you're a troll, you're going to be banned, probably without notice. This mod has no time to go eight rounds with you about your rights to post your incoherent essay on why Grissom/Sara sucks to the community. Opinionated is good. Being a tinhat wanker is not.
3. Adult material must go behind a cut, and be labeled. Anything adult that ends up on the community that breaks these rules will be immediately deleted.
4. Please don't use this journal as another place to cross-post your fanfiction or art. If you posted it to YTDaW, everyone here has already seen it. There is, however, a back-up Hot Off the Press/Fic Rec thread for when the board goes down here. When the board is not functioning properly, please comment there with links to your stories, and recs for stories. The post itself will be updated with those links for clarity.
5. SPOILERS are allowed, but please keep them behind an LJ-Cut as well.
6. If you are new to livejournal, or have any questions, feel free to ping a maintainer, or just ask around. We're a friendly bunch. We've also all been there.

Introduce Yourself:
Feel free to make a new post to the community, introducing yourself so we can match up user names! There is a master list here of all intro posts. Here is a form you can use if you'd like, although it is certainly not required, and you can add anything else that you'd like to share:

<B>Username at YTDaW:</B>
<B>Favorite Music:</B>
<B>Three Words to Describe You:</B>
<B>Other Hobbies:</B>
<B>Can Other Members Friend You?:</B>
<B>Last Words:</B>

Make sure to check the main page for active posts before you update, as there may already be a thread for what you are looking for. Other than that, welcome!